Jean Simard – President & CEO
Stacey Masson – Vice-President Marketing & Communications

"Their guidance has allowed us to engage in a constructive dialogue about our economic, social and environmental impacts. This helped us define a strategy that is aligned with our company's values and ambitions. The team's expertise and genuine passion for all aspects of sustainability and CSR was also very evident throughout the process."

Donald Pelletier – VP Finance

"We were trying to structure our ambition to become a sustainability leader in our industry, to engage our internal and external collaborators in a meaningful project and to gain credibility through sustainability management certifications. COESIO exceeded our expectations by deploying a professional team of consultants and analysts to lower the effort required for our internal resources while still offering a competitive cost."

Marie-Josée Mercier – General Manager

"COESIO's team allowed us to acquire a solid foundation in responsible management and to establish a structure, an action plan and management tools to maintain our positioning, influence our market and actively contribute to sustainable development."

David McFaul – General Manager

"This support has been a stepping stone towards achieving the strategic reflection of our organization. COESIO's consultants were true guides throughout the process. Their expertise, rooted in a method structured by innovative tools, was a major help in carrying out our global strategic planning. It is an innovative approach that allowed us to think in depth about our strategy, and to develop high quality deliverables while having lots of fun in each workshop."

Francois Larose – Plant Manager

"It was very rewarding for our team! You found a way to give us a good dose of energy to complete the first phase of this beautiful project."

Paul Gosselin – General Manager

"You have allowed us to put into action key concepts of sustainable development and responsible practices."

François Dauphin – General Manager

"We were swept along by a wind of optimism and by the importance of developing a global vision, thanks to the approach of our consultants, Francine Craig and Charles Duchesne. Our organization will has grown from this experience."

Daniel St-Onge – General Manager

"What we appreciated about the consultants, Francine Craig and Charles Duchesne, is their approach, their openness and their analysis of the opinions and various perspectives of the council members and citizens. We also value their professionalism and their ability to plan and follow up on a project of this magnitude while staying within the established budget and timeline. Bravo and thank you!"

Ludvick Desjardins – Vice-President and General Manager

"With COESIO, we were able to undertake a reflection process to integrate the principles of sustainable development, to adopt strategies that maximize the benefits for our organization while contributing to the UN's SD goals, and to mobilize all of our employees in the resulting organizational changes. In short, COESIO's team has shown great strength in its approach and its role as facilitators is still greatly appreciated today."