Notre mission

We analyze the organizational issues in depth in order to find the necessary strategic levers, in an insightful and courageous way. We bring the right people together to revisit the management practices and drive the transformation for both the strategy and the operational side. We work with our clients to develop their capabilities that will allow their organizations to gain a lasting advantage, seize new opportunities and improve their overall performance.
We are designing the future together.

Notre vision

We wish to be a partner of choice with organizations that adopt a business model and management practices in line with the realities of the 21st century.
We want a future where organizations take better care of their societal responsibilities and contribute to the concrete sustainability of our planet.
We strongly believe that they have the capacity to transform themselves and to better understand the impacts of their activities to act more responsibly so that they fly to markets of a more sustainable economy.

Nos valeurs

Research excellence in reflection and action
Creating value for our customers and their stakeholders
Build on a collaborative approach
Act with integrity and rigour

COESIO offers consulting services on societal responsibility for organizations in Quebec, Canada and internationally.

Founded by Ms. Francine Craig following the BNQ 21000 project, COESIO is a member of the Standardization Network and Francophonie and a key player in Quebec in the management of sustainable development and social responsibility.

The challenge of sustainable development is to rethink the relationships that human beings have with each other and with nature, and it is an aspiration shared by a growing number of women and men. These citizens are critical of a mode of development that too often undermines the environment and relegates the majority of mankind to poverty. This concept comes from this idea that not everything can continue as before, that we need to address the shortcomings of a development model that focuses on economic growth only by reconsidering our ways of doing things in the light of the new priorities.

We must therefore take action and reconsider our ways of doing things according to three inseparable priorities:

  • Maintain the integrity of the environment to ensure the health and safety of human communities and preserve the life-sustaining ecosystems;
  • Ensuring social equity to enable the full development of all women and men, the development of communities and respect for diversity;
  • Aiming for economic efficiency to create an innovative and prosperous, ecological and socially responsible economy.


At COESIO, we aspire to accompany the leaders in this process of transformation. In short, we want to make a significant difference to organizations that want to move towards better overall performance.

Our team of experts and partners work closely with leaders and organizations to implement best management practices at both the strategic and operational levels. All of our interventions incorporate the principles of the major international standards and the guidelines for sustainable development and accountability of organizations. As a training organisation approved by the Commission of labour market partners, the courses, personalized coaching formulas and multiple workshops that our experts offer are based on the highest quality levels.

Our resources have recognized expertise in the implementation of ISO 26000 – Guidelines on Social Responsibility and normative guide BNQ 21000 – Guide to the application of principles in business and other management Organizations as well as the other more specific standards that result from them. We are entitled to produce extra-financial reports according to the guidelines from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

coesio is also composed of experienced CID EXPERTS and specializes in particular in the consultancy guidance for obtaining the ÉCORESPONSABLEMC certification.


Charles Duchesne

Le succès des autres est une bonne chose - autant pour eux que pour vous. C'est bon, car ils vous montrent le chemin pour y arriver. Mais pour y arriver, rien ne vaut autant que le courage de porter ses convictions, la force de sa détermination et l'ardeur dans son travail. COESIO trouve son ancrage principal dans le soutien des gestionnaires et organisations désirant s'assurer de répondre aux défis de l'économie et se structurer avec confiance pour devenir les leaders d'aujourd'hui et de demain. Nos clients comprennent toute la valeur de nos services et expertises pour soutenir la pérennité de leurs activités.

Nos implications dans la collectivité

Plan Montréal durable 2016-2020

COESIO est un partenaire du Plan Montréal durable 2016-2020 de la Ville de Montréal et met en oeuvre, de manière volontaire, des initiatives pour contribuer aux objectifs du Plan.

Fondation Papillon

Notre équipe s'implique à la corvée annuelle du Camps Papillon.

Compensations annuelles des émissions CO2 causés par nos déplacements

The COESIO team is doing everything in its power to minimize the environmental impacts caused by travel to our customers. Annually, we compensate for all the GHG emissions we have not been able to avoid, so as to lessen our footprint on the environment.

This principle is part of the purchase of compensatory appropriations through the following two initiatives:

Research plantations of the Boreal Carbon Project

Boreal carbon is both a tree-planting greenhouse gas compensation program and a research project carried out by researchers at the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi.

The forest sector has an important role to play in mitigating global warming. Forests currently capture 25% of the carbon emitted by human activities (sequester). The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) estimates that they could sequester up to 15 per cent more with modest efforts.

There are naturally barren areas in the Quebec boreal forest where the forest does not regenerate. The project consists of the establishment of research forests, in collaboration with the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and parks, respecting forest ecosystems and biodiversity in the boreal world.

Scol'ère Scholarship through the purchase of educational carbon creditsMD

The compensation by the purchase of the educational carbon creditsMD of the Scol'ERE Carbon Exchange is to encourage and make available a creative educational program on the ECO engagement in the elementary schools of Quebec.

  • Become aware of its carbon footprint and counterbalance it with avoided GHG emissions
  • Encourage an educational program on eco engagement in Quebec elementary schools
  • Be part of a company engaged in more sober, local and responsible consumer choices
  • Committing to reduce its carbon footprint (I commit)
Plantations de recherche du projet Carbone boréal

Carbone boréal est à la fois un programme de compensation de gaz à effet de serre par plantation d’arbres et un projet de recherche mené par des chercheurs de l’Université du Québec à Chicoutimi.

Le secteur forestier a un rôle important à jouer pour atténuer le réchauffement climatique. Les forêts captent (séquestrent) actuellement 25 % du carbone émis par les activités humaines. Le Groupe d’experts intergouvernemental sur l’évolution du climat (GIEC) estime qu’elles pourraient en séquestrer jusqu’à 15 % de plus avec des efforts modestes.

Il existe en forêt boréale québécoise des territoires naturellement dénudés où la forêt ne se régénère pas. Le projet consiste à y établir des forêts de recherche, en collaboration avec le Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs dans le respect des écosystèmes forestiers et de la biodiversité du monde boréal.

Bourse Scol'ère par l'achat de Crédits carbone éducatifs

La compensation par l’achat des Crédits carbone éducatifsMD de la Bourse du carbone Scol’ERE, c’est encourager et rendre disponible un programme éducatif créatif sur l’engagement écoresponsable dans les écoles primaires du Québec.

  • Prendre conscience de son empreinte carbone et la contrebalancer par des émissions de GES évités
  • Encourager un programme éducatif sur l’engagement écoresponsable dans les écoles primaires du Québec
  • Faire partie d’une société engagée pour des choix de consommation plus sobres, locaux et responsables
  • S’engager à réduire son empreinte carbone (Je m’engage)

Vous souhaitez être supporté dans votre démarche d'écoresponsabilité?

Nos experts possèdent une longue feuille de route et des outils optimisés. Notre objectif: vous faire économiser du temps et rendre votre démarche simple, rapide et structurante.