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Our services and consulting solutions are designed to inspire and enable the leaders of today and tomorrow to better address the challenges of the 21st century, so that they can bring real change to their organizations, value chains, markets and business ecosystems.

Start a concrete and supervised process to move forward in a strategic way

COESIO offers support services as part of a comprehensive strategic planning process for businesses and other organizations. Our approach is based on a sustainable and responsible development perspective.

A strategic planning process is the main tool used to help organizations better plan their activities and development.

A process that qualifies as responsible is one that leads an organization to consider not only the economic factors, but also the environmental and social issues involved when planning the way towards meeting its objectives.

This global strategic planning is therefore aimed at organizations that seek to improve their practices and are aware of the challenges related to environmental preservation and to the well-being of their employees, the community and society in general.

Our approach is based on a methodology and tools designed to promote dialogue with stakeholders, both internal (e.g., employees, committees, boards of directors) and external (e.g., customers, suppliers), by involving them at various levels in the development of the vision, of the way forward and the implementation of actions to achieve it.

COESIO's planning process uses innovative and effective tools. They were developed in collaboration with renowned researchers and people from the business community and organizations such as government, associations, regional economic development actors, etc. All of our services are guided by international sustainability guidelines, norms and standards such as ISO 26000, the UN Global Compact, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and AA 1000.

General steps of a strategic planning process in sustainable development:

  1. Engagement and alignment with the existing strategic planning process
  2. Diagnosis and positioning
  3. Stakeholder consultation
  4. Identification of key issues
  5. Objectives and priorities of action
  6. Implementation of actions
  7. Reporting and feedback

Our complementary services

BNQ 21000 approach

This approach has been recognized by the Quebec government and is based on major international standards for sustainable development.  It is a continuous improvement process, with management tools and a responsible strategic framework to address the three pillars of sustainable development (economic, environmental and social).  Among other things, it provides mechanisms for effective dialogue with the organization's various internal and external stakeholders.

This approach offers a methodology and tools to foster dialogue with the organization's stakeholders, both internal (e.g., employees, committees, board of directors) and external (e.g., customers, suppliers), by involving them at different levels in the development of the organization's vision and roadmap, and in the implementation of appropriate actions to achieve it.

Deliverables and activities of COESIO's strategic planning process
  • Creation of a strategic committee;
  • Analysis of your situation regarding the major issues and challenges of your organization;
  • Development or update of your vision, mission and values;
  • Stakeholder consultations to gather additional information to feed the diagnosis and the reflection;
  • Training and mobilization activities for employees to participate in the design and implementation of the action plan;
  • Overall diagnosis and recommendations regarding strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities;
  • Sustainable development and CSR policy;
  • Identification of key issues and strategic orientations;
  • Identification of strategic objectives and performance indicators;
  • Action plan and dashboard;
  • Strategy and tools to communicate your commitments and progress to your stakeholders.
Sustainable development policy

A sustainable development policy is a way to formalize the organization's commitments to sustainability. This document becomes a powerful communication tool for stakeholders and for the general public to know and appreciate your sustainability commitments.

The policy outlines the long-term vision of the organization, in line with the principles of sustainable development. It guides an organization's behaviours, decisions and actions.

A sustainable development policy generally includes the following elements:

  • Guiding principles
  • Strategic orientations
  • Structures and responsibilities

Some large companies and especially SMEs prefer a short version, often on a single page. COESIO works with the organization and makes sure to adapt the sustainable development policy to the client's needs. We can provide you with several models.

Facilitation for the internal sustainable development committee

The purpose of an internal sustainable development committee is to bring the sustainable development policy to life within an organization. It is made up of the person in charge of implementing the actions related to the policy and representatives of the organization's key sectors. This committee is located at the strategic level and is designed to carry out the strategic planning process.

The members of the sustainable development committee play a significant role in the implementation of a sustainability approach and in achieving its objectives. To sum up, this committee exists to bring the sustainable development policy to life and to carry out the resulting action plan.

Facilitation of advisory committees (internal and external stakeholders)

COESIO assists you in setting up an advisory committee with representatives of the organization and of its main external stakeholders.  The purpose of this committee is to advise the organization on how to integrate their CSR concerns and expectations.

Establishing a proactive and transparent dialogue, whether for an internal or advisory committee, helps to make better decisions and can bring additional support to the organization's projects.

Daniel St-Onge – General Manager

"What we appreciated about the consultants, Francine Craig and Charles Duchesne, is their approach, their openness and their analysis of the opinions and various perspectives of the council members and citizens. We also value their professionalism and their ability to plan and follow up on a project of this magnitude while staying within the established budget and timeline. Bravo and thank you!"

François Dauphin – General Manager

"We were swept along by a wind of optimism and by the importance of developing a global vision, thanks to the approach of our consultants, Francine Craig and Charles Duchesne. Our organization will has grown from this experience."

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