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Our services and consulting solutions are designed to inspire and enable the leaders of today and tomorrow to better address the challenges of the 21st century, so that they can bring real change to their organizations, value chains, markets and business ecosystems.

Mécanismes de consultation et de concertation des parties prenantes

Your stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, local communities, governments, etc.) are directly or indirectly impacted by your activities and can influence your organization to a greater or lesser extent. So it is essential to identify mechanisms to carry out consultations and mobilize your stakeholders around common projects and to improve your organization's decision-making in terms of sustainable development, perhaps through ongoing dialogue.

COESIO offers you the support and management tools required for your organization in order to reflect on, develop and implement mechanisms for stakeholder relations.

Providing information, consulting and engaging with stakeholders has become essential to give credibility to the organization's commitments. The mechanisms can vary widely, depending on the needs of the organization and its context. Innovative solutions open the door to constructive exchanges with the various stakeholders, and are often the result of a collaborative exercise with the organization. For example, the implementation of a web portal for information exchange and stakeholder consultation can be a highly effective mechanism when properly managed.

Nos offres complémentaires

Caractérisation de vos parties prenantes
  • Avez-vous identifié l’ensemble de vos parties prenantes pertinentes et leurs représentants?
  • Quels sont leurs objectifs, intérêts et perceptions envers vos activités, stratégies et projets?
  • Ont-elles un certain pouvoir d'influence?
  • Comment souhaitez-vous qu'elles collaborent ou s'impliquent concrètement?
Sondages dans le cadre d’une planification stratégique
Diagnostic sur le niveau de préoccupations et intérêts des parties prenantes
Mesure sur l’évolution de l’acceptation des projets
Plateforme de consultation des parties prenantes
Plan de communication pour promouvoir l’engagement de l'organisation

Une communication crédible et transparente est indispensable pour progresser et instaurer un dialogue avec ses parties prenantes. Avec l'implication de nos collaborateurs, nous offrons un éventail de services qui vous permettront de faire progresser le discours de l'engagement écoresponsable de votre organisation et à bien communiquer sur l’évolution de vos projets. 

Nous aidons les organisations à identifier les moyens pour dynamiser leurs interactions, favoriser l'implication et s’assurer de la fluidité des communications.

Comité interne de développement durable

Un comité interne de développement durable a pour objectif de faire vivre la politique de développement durable au sein d’une organisation. Ce comité joue un rôle significatif dans l’implantation d’une démarche de développement durable et dans l’atteinte de ses objectifs.

Daniel St-Onge – General Manager

"What we appreciated about the consultants, Francine Craig and Charles Duchesne, is their approach, their openness and their analysis of the opinions and various perspectives of the council members and citizens. We also value their professionalism and their ability to plan and follow up on a project of this magnitude while staying within the established budget and timeline. Bravo and thank you!"

François Dauphin – General Manager

"We were swept along by a wind of optimism and by the importance of developing a global vision, thanks to the approach of our consultants, Francine Craig and Charles Duchesne. Our organization will has grown from this experience."

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