How can our coaching help you?

Our services and consulting solutions are designed to inspire and enable the leaders of today and tomorrow to better address the challenges of the 21st century, so that they can bring real change to their organizations, value chains, markets and business ecosystems.

Our foundations are solid. We are pioneers.

At COESIO, our team and our close collaborators are committed to helping organizations transform their business model and integrate more responsible management practices.

Our interventions integrate the principles of all major international standards and guidelines for sustainable development and corporate responsibility.

Our resources have recognized expertise in the implementation of ISO 26000 – Guidance on Social Responsibility and BNQ 21000 – Guidelines for the Implementation of Principles for Management of Enterprises and Other Organizations, as well as other resulting standards.

Our approach is effective and innovative. We adapt our interventions to the needs of each of our clients. We have a flexible intervention model that meets the expectations and capabilities of our clientele.

Our goal is to help organizations by acting as a facilitator in their evolution towards an economy based on sustainable development. This desire is supported by deep values such as commitment, integrity, creativity, collaboration and knowledge transfer.

Our approach is often praised for the excellence of the services we offer, both in the development of products and in our interventions aimed at helping organizations grow and progress.

Our accompanying methodologies and tools are based on the major international standards for sustainable development:
  • ISO standard[1] 26000 –Guidance on Social Responsibility
  • Standard BNQ 21000 – Guidelines for the Implementation of Principles for Management of Enterprises and Other Organizations
  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI4) – Standards for Sustainability Reporting
  • The 10 principles of the UN Global Compact
  • Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI)
  • As well as all other ISO standards related to management systems with demonstrated success within organizations (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHA8001, etc.).

[1] ISO: International Organization for Standardization

Our complementary services

Assessment of your current practices in terms of sustainable development management

Self-assessment according to the 21 issues of BNQ21000:

  • A powerful training tool that presents, defines, distinguishes and clarifies the four dimensions of sustainable development in a straightforward language for businesses;
  • Shows that sustainable development is not only about the environment;
  • Builds a common vision among managers who are often not aware of what is going on in other departments due to the silo effect of the organization's functions (production, accounting, etc.);
  • Provides a credible overview of the current level of the organization's progress in terms of sustainable development;
  • Gives a clear picture of the company's strengths and weaknesses;
  • Mobilizes the management team by breaking the silo effect: sustainable development is everyone's business and all specialties must work towards it;
  • Helps to determine the actions to undertake.
Monitoring and benchmarking of the best sustainability practices in your sector
  • Analysis of your competitors' practices and overall performance in terms of sustainable development management;
  • Comparison between your overall performance and that of your competitors;
  • Assessment of specific levers and potential strategies for your organization.
Analysis of stakeholders' and employees' perceptions
  • Identification of all relevant stakeholders and their potential representatives, as well as their goals, their interests and perceptions regarding your activities and motivations for your projects;
  • Identification of their level of influence;
  • Identification of possible actions and types of engagement;
  • Assessment of the types of involvement and nature of potential relationships.
Assessment of your knowledge management system

Aims to evaluate the way your organization collects, identifies, analyzes, organizes, memorizes and shares the knowledge of your team members and all other types of externally acquired knowledge in order to achieve your objectives.

Responsible purchasing

Responsible purchasing practices are about integrating sustainable development and corporate social responsibility into the procurement processes of private and public organizations.

Our experts will help you integrate environmental, social and economic criteria into your purchasing processes for goods and services. The goal is to use your leverage as a value chain actor to reduce the environmental impact, increase the social benefits and improve the economic resilience of all organizations along the product or service life cycle.

There are two complementary approaches to responsible purchasing: product-based and supplier-based. Here are some examples of best practices that we can help you develop and implement:

  • Responsible purchasing policy and supplier code of conduct;
  • Using an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) approach: Identification of environmental, social or economic issues for different categories of products, services or production sites, etc.
  • Calculation of the total costs of purchase, use and dematerialization (end of life);
  • Integration of sustainability criteria in calls for bids;
  • Preferential margin adoption;
  • Certifications (social or environmental);
  • Supplier evaluation process;
  • Support and training.
Daniel St-Onge – General Manager

"What we appreciated about the consultants, Francine Craig and Charles Duchesne, is their approach, their openness and their analysis of the opinions and various perspectives of the council members and citizens. We also value their professionalism and their ability to plan and follow up on a project of this magnitude while staying within the established budget and timeline. Bravo and thank you!"

François Dauphin – General Manager

"We were swept along by a wind of optimism and by the importance of developing a global vision, thanks to the approach of our consultants, Francine Craig and Charles Duchesne. Our organization will has grown from this experience."

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