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Philosophy of PROGRESSION towards a better overall PERFORMANCE

The sustainable development process initiated by an organization must be part of a philosophy of continuous improvement. The process must be part of an apprenticeship aims to advance the organization in the implementation of best management practices, towards the achievement of its objectives to meet in terms of sustainable development. Several methodologies and theories are acceptable to comply with the requirements of the program.

The Eco certification is designed to recognize any type of organization that has a positive understanding of the issues of sustainable development management. From one level to another, the organization acquires a better understanding of the concept, integrates the concerns and interests of its stakeholders in the reflection, sets targets for progression, sets up concrete actions, aims to achieve Specific objectives and uses operational mechanisms to measure progress and accountability.

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In 2017-2018, COESIO completed a complete overhaul of the ECO program specifications, in conjunction with Ecocert Canada.

Four levels of CERTIFICATION

The Eco Certification program respects the ability of organizations to progressively improve their performance in sustainable development management. To fully understand the philosophy of continuous improvement of the four (4) levels of certification in which the organization registers by adhering to the ECOcertification program. Here are the nuances to be grasped in the requirements that serve to recognize the improvement efforts for a targeted level and the transition to the higher levels.


Level 1-Commitment
Preparing for Change:
Recognize the organization's commitment to the implementation of a culture of continuous improvement for sustainable development.


Implement actions and follow-up mechanisms:
To measure and recognise the consolidation of management systems and the mechanisms of dialogue necessary to anchor a culture of continuous improvement of sustainable development.


Optimize the value chain:
Recognize the organization's contribution to improving its balance sheet in terms of sustainable development and exercising its influence through its actions and activities.


Level 4-Elite
Maximizing overall sustainable development performance:
Recognize the implementation of a culture of continuous improvement of sustainable development.

Des retombées concrètes pour les organisations

Une méthodologies efficace, crédible et facilitante


COESIO has developed the content and Toolbox offered in the ECOLEADERSHIP methodology, developed in collaboration with the Council of Sustainable Industries, to support the organizations that aim at level 1 – commitment.

As our experts are the main developers of the methodology, our firm is a leader in the strategic accompaniment leading to the achievement of the different levels of the ECOMCcertification.




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