Strategic Planning for Sustainable Development

Strategic approach and integrated action plan

We support you at every step of the process: the development of a collective approach to strategic planning, an integrated action plan, your funding applications (e.g., Green Municipal Fund, Green Fund, etc.) and your reporting.

Citizen participation and mobilization

Consult your stakeholders through co-creation workshops, working groups, surveys (both online and on-site) and effective communication. We optimize the involvement of your citizens in the planning and implementation of collective actions.

Economic and social development

We help you increase the economic potential and attractiveness of your region by setting up new circular economy and sustainable development projects with local organizations and socio-economic players.

Best organizational practices

In order for your team to achieve its full potential, we organize training sessions and coaching workshops, and work with you to develop relevant management tools (e.g. responsible purchasing, GHG reduction, dashboards, and other management practices).

A progressive approach

COESIO offers a strategic coaching approach designed for municipalities. Our approach focuses on mobilizing and involving your stakeholders. We bring together your citizens, elected officials, municipal administration and socio-economic players around a common vision. We guide you in the implementation of your actions to achieve your vision, support your economic development, ensure the well-being of your community and protect your environment.

Our team at COESIO is able to support municipalities of small and medium size.


  • Align your strategic thinking and action plan with international standards and guidelines on sustainable development;
  • Use effective tools, such as the City of Montreal's diagnostic grids and tools developed by our team at COESIO;
  • Support your efforts to integrate responsible practices;
  • Coordinate your actions to reduce your ecological footprint.

General steps of the strategic planning process:


Testimonials from citizens involved in their city's sustainable development process

Daniel St-Onge – General Manager

"What we appreciated about the consultants, Francine Craig and Charles Duchesne, is their approach, their openness and their analysis of the opinions and various perspectives of the council members and citizens. We also value their professionalism and their ability to plan and follow up on a project of this magnitude while staying within the established budget and timeline. Bravo and thank you!"

François Dauphin – General Manager

"We were swept along by a wind of optimism and by the importance of developing a global vision, thanks to the approach of our consultants, Francine Craig and Charles Duchesne. Our organization will has grown from this experience."