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Our unique global approach enables organizations to gain lasting advantage, seize new opportunities and drive change in their industries. Let's shape the future, together.

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Proven support solutions

COESIO's coaching solutions are based on more than 15 years of R&D and a solid experience acquired through our work with 90 organizations and companies. We provide close support to the managers and work efficiently with the local teams.

Our expertise, approaches and tools support your teams in their strategic thinking, guide transformations and realize the full potential of your global performance.



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Dynamic workshops & effective tools

Our tools are diversified, rooted in your reality and focused on continuous improvement and innovation. They are designed to stimulate collective intelligence within a group, while ensuring an in-depth thinking environment. We use facilitation and co-creation techniques to foster the engagement, to challenge the status quo and to take action. All our interventions are based on the adoption of best practices.

Given the scope of the sectors we have developed and the various realities experienced by our clients, our experts offer personalized and proven approaches to strategic coaching and implementation of best business practices.

President, Partner, Executive Director

Charles Duchesne

B.A.A., M. Adm, SEA, GRI+

General Manager

Julie Didier

Ing., MEngSt

Partner, Chief business development officer

Marius André

M. Env., MEI, SEP

Senior Consultant

Adèle Renon

M. Adm., M. Env., SEA

Senior consultant

Léo Queinnec

B. Ing., M. Ing., SEA

Partner, Funder

Francine Craig

Funder, MBA, CRHA, GRI+

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An evolution towards sustainability;
tailored to your organization



Learn about our unique program to achieve world-leading global performance

Contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Get funding for participating in the Program (up to 75%)

Join one of our cohorts of businesses in February, June, October - places are limited!

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COESIO has developed the content and the toolbox of the Sustainable Industries Council's ECOLEADERSHIP Methodology (Conseil des industries durables) to support organizations aiming to achieve Level 1 - Commitment.

Our experts are the main developers of the specifications and management tools supporting the process based on the evaluation criteria audited by ECOCERT CANADA. So, we are leaders in the strategic support leading to the achievement of the different levels of the ECORESPONSIBLE certification.

We have completed over 50 certification mandates and a dozen ECOLEADERS business cohorts in collaboration with regional economic development actors.

Financial aid available

Projects eligible under the Écoleader Fund financing program

Strategic planning for municipalities

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COESIO offers a strategic coaching approach designed for municipalities. We rely on the mobilization of the municipal administration, elected officials and on the involvement of your stakeholders in a comprehensive strategic planning process.

We guide you in the implementation of your actions to achieve your vision, support your economic development, ensure the well-being of your community and protect your environment.

Financial aid available

Projects eligible for funding from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Donald Pelletier – VP Finance

"We were trying to structure our ambition to become a sustainability leader in our industry, to engage our internal and external collaborators in a meaningful project and to gain credibility through sustainability management certifications. COESIO exceeded our expectations by deploying a professional team of consultants and analysts to lower the effort required for our internal resources while still offering a competitive cost."

Ludvick Desjardins – Vice-President and General Manager

"With COESIO, we were able to undertake a reflection process to integrate the principles of sustainable development, to adopt strategies that maximize the benefits for our organization while contributing to the UN's SD goals, and to mobilize all of our employees in the resulting organizational changes. In short, COESIO's team has shown great strength in its approach and its role as facilitators is still greatly appreciated today."

Marie-Josée Mercier – General Manager

"COESIO's team allowed us to acquire a solid foundation in responsible management and to establish a structure, an action plan and management tools to maintain our positioning, influence our market and actively contribute to sustainable development."

Stacey Masson – Vice-President Marketing & Communications

"Their guidance has allowed us to engage in a constructive dialogue about our economic, social and environmental impacts. This helped us define a strategy that is aligned with our company's values and ambitions. The team's expertise and genuine passion for all aspects of sustainability and CSR was also very evident throughout the process."

Up to $30,000 in funding for projects to adopt sustainable business practices.

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What is a sustainable business practice? It is a management practice that aims to address an environmental issue, while improving the company's economic performance and productivity, and generating social co-benefits for employees and the community.

COESIO has the expertise, tools and team to support you in your strategic efforts to obtain this new financial aid.

Would you like to be supported in your sustainability efforts?

Our experts have a long track record and optimized tools. Our goal: to save you time and make your process simple, quick and structured.